Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.
Ralph Waldo Emerson



Research existing zoning requirements as it relates to clients proposed use. Review clients hardships, covey these issues at governmental forums to achieve desired results.

Permit Expediting

Completion of burdensome applications and face-to-face meetings to expedite your approvals. Completion of studies and documentation necessary to accomplish your goals in a timely fashion. We move your application to the “top of the pile.”

Cost Reduction

Review of construction specifications and documents to provide alternative products and methods with your budget and finished product in mind.

Schedule Acceleration

Provide methods of quicker turnover which, in many cases, can be accomplished within your initial budget constraints.

Change Order Review

No one likes change orders. With proper review of contract and administrative documents, change orders can be non-existent. When revisions do occur or un-foreseens are uncovered, we can provide comprehensive review to assure proper costs are achieved.

One Stop Shop

The bottom line is that Dove Contracting offers a broad range of services, experience and knowledgeable partners to take your project from conception to a successful turnover. In doing so, you can focus on your core business and not be burdened with the potential pit falls of a construction project.